If you are using the last version of Vivocha click here to access the documentation site

If you are using the last version of Vivocha click here to access the documentation site
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If you are using the last version of Vivocha click here to access the documentation site


API sits att the very heart of Vivocha and is one of its most distinctive and valuable assets. The API is what gives Vivocha the ability to allow any kind of integration and mash-up.

Through the API, Vivocha users can, for instance:

  • Fully customize, or even rewrite, each user interface element (the chat window, the surveys, the proactive popups, etc);
  • Create custom proactive rules, leveraging third party tools and platforms to take proactive decisions (e.g. reading shopping cart status, getting realtime traffic or weather information, check the availability of stock and available delivery slots, etc);
  • Integrate Vivocha in mobile sites and apps or enrich advertising campaigns.

The API consists in a set a RESTful web services, plus a series of language bindings, including Javascript, ActionScript and iOS.

Vivocha offers a REST API to access the main features offered by the platform.

With these APIs you can subscribe your webhooks to the Vivocha events, request new contacts bypassing the client interface, set a custom webservice for checking the agents availability, or simply get info about pending contacts and current status.

Common use cases:

  • Custom data collection from page:
    • Hidden form fields
    • Username from proprietary session
  • Custom Contact Routing (through direct manipulation of tags)
  • Custom events
  • Page layout manipulation on contact events
  • Special message delivery


Vivocha REST API:


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